i got a love,

so sweet, & real calm,

& it’s patiently waiting…

for you.








do not disturb


not lonely,

just me –

my only

peace of mind,

a vibe,




time doesn’t wait

“When we’re forced to do something, suddenly the time is there.  Which means it’s there all the time.  Once you understand that time, like the rest of your reality, is in your mind, you can make it work for you instead of being its slave.”


let us lead

“Part of creating an appealing climate is modeling leadership.  Leaders set the tone.  Leaders cannot demand of others what they do not demand of themselves.  As you and I as leaders grow and improve, so will those we lead.  We need to remember that when people follow behind us, they can only go as far as we go.  If our growth stops today, our ability to lead will stop along with it.  We cannot model what we do not possess.  Begin learning and growing today, and watch those around you begin to grow.”



I’ve taken thousands of shots when I’m on this particular road, and this is one of them.  Many times, even if its the same view, I am always in absolute awe at how beautiful home is, I mean how life is too.