2016 Blessings and Lessons

2016 Blessings & Lessons

It’s that time of the year again, rewind and reflect on the blessings, lessons, accomplishments, trials and tribulations of 2016.  One of my major movements of the year was stepping out of my comfort zone, in both personal and work relationships.  It was crucial, realizing I needed to move forward and that is why I am where I am now.  An open gate to new opportunities, blessings, and lessons.  2016 definitely challenged me mentally and emotionally.  I feared the unknown but it only strengthened my hope, faith, and trust in God more than ever.  I confidently knew that whatever I was feeling that I was going to go through it steadily’ perhaps tremble but never break.  I have began to appreciate the thoughts that run for miles that caused headaches, and the emotions from it that created heartaches because it only has helped me learn so much more about myself and only has kept me to go beyond it.  Everything that I’ve encountered only opened room for much more love.  Choose to love more, it does wonders.  I only plan to do better, and be better going forward, let 2017 flourish with love and only love.

NTS: it’s 2017

  • fuel the soul with more art
  • capture moments
  • disconnect from social media
  • tweet less, write more
  • know when to be selfish
  • laugh more
  • choose to be happy, always
  • say what’s on my mind & don’t give a fuck
  • don’t sink in negative thoughts / the devil is a liar
  • squat like it’s the only thing in life
  • material things ain’t shit

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