from time to time, i find it difficult to truly find the right words to describe the waves of emotion and thoughts that fall heavy on my heart, and linger on my mind – so it never leaves because sometimes i just don’t know what to do with it. & even if i try – in hopes you can understand me, accept that i am a human being who isn’t perfect, i am in progress working on becoming the woman i am suppose to be, and for you not to judge me? shit that haunts me…instead i pray on it. you know how powerful believing is? because even if i don’t get the answers right away, somehow i will & there is always something and someone that will show you some light to understanding, seeing a new perspective, and peace of mind. they say holding on to hope can be paralyzing, but i’m still hopeful – there is always light at the end of every tunnel, that’s because I believe there are brighter days and the blessings will always uplift you and always outweigh your shortcomings. 


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