3am rumbles 

mind is rumbling on when i went out to sushi for dinner the other day; where we sat, ate some amazing food and good conversations. & my question is now, have you ever settled? i have, and i’m sure we all have at some point. i remember when i use to wish things were different, not doing a damn thing about it to change it. my mistake was waiting and hoping for things to change, because truly – looking back, i wasted valuable time; time i’m not getting back. you just can’t force certain things in your life, it just doesn’t set right, it becomes surrounded by bitterness and unhappiness because it isn’t organic. i use to crave a real conversation, it was simple; just a conversation – two people, two minds collide, learning & unlearning, perspective and growth. but it was just a craving. when i did come across an interaction that was fueled with substance, man i appreciated that. it’s rare. but imagine, it was only a craving that i had with the person i was with at the time, and the person knew they couldn’t give me that, a ‘my type of conversation’ or stimulate ‘my type of mind’ – imagine resisting on expression, sharing perspective and story telling to a person you want to have that affinity with, but again you can’t force a connection, so i was in my bubble for quite some time. but moving on from that, it made me appreciate the organic interactions so much more, especially with the ones you have an affinity with, that bond ykno? to know i can freely have an open conversation about anything and in the end, i’m not restricted, they make me want to unravel my mind and to know i’ve learned because i am able to understand. i know its a simple thing, but sometimes this is only something you want to share with certain individuals, not everyone, and when it’s reciprocated, to me: it’s extraordinary and rare, and i’m not settling. 

‘A, thank you’ 


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