you know that feeling that squeezes your gut and that sudden heavy weight on your chest, somehow then your eyes get teary?   shit, that’s when I know my mind has been running for miles, way too long. I get so deep in my thoughts about my life journey, I over analyze everything current in my life now, drawing assumptions and conclusions on what’s going to happen in the future – whether it be personal and business relationships. I think my problem is that I want perfection. I know what I desire, I need it, I crave it, and I work on whatever I need to do to fulfill it. matter of fact, it is my problem. yes, it’s a good thing, but it is extremely important to understand its process. sometimes it can be discouraging not getting to where you desire to be at a specific time, and sometimes it may feel like it may never happen, or you thought it was going good but something happens and you fear it may fall apart – then that sucky feeling happens. it can be challenging, but challenges are life lessons. always gotta be reminded that if it is special then it won’t be easy because no journey is perfect. just gotta really keep the faith and trust the process. with passion, stay driven and determined. 


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