Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 10.52.48 AM.png

I always had this idea of a tattoo if I ever did get one,
rlly never had a purpose to, & plus I am terrified of needles.
anyway, spontaneously – I decided to walk in a tattoo shop
while strolling around the city & then and there, I got my first tattoo.
It was meant to be.

life –
full of challenges,
& the outcome –
whether failure, or accomplishments
those experiences made me the person i am today.
God does not give you anything
you can’t handle’
never doubt that.
throughout it all,
i know one thing is always TRUST GOD.
there is a purpose & plan for everything,
everything happens for a reason…
w this, i learned to always,
trust your gut feeling,
trust your intuition,
trust the signs,
trust yourself,
& stay true to yourself.


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