growth > comfort

was reminded how much i’ve grown –
mentally, emotionally, spiritually
[not my physical height tho’
that didn’t change since ’05]
i’ve love, lost, forgave,
& accepted things out of my control,
i’ve embraced the fact that
everything happens for a reason’
& unconsciously i’ve let go what was
weighing me down – i didn’t even know’
..the beauty from it is that i am
taking care of me [loving me first],
& w that love – i am happy.
ultimately, you gotta
‘spring clean emotionally – love, don’t hate/hold grudges
detox your physical body – eat a salad, go for a run, squat; stay healthy
detach when necessary – its good to disconnect
protect your spiritual boundary – meditate & pray
align your mind with intuition’ @overlyxclusive
let your mind trust your intuition,
don’t be afraid,
feel, don’t overthink,
do what’s best for you,
discover the world,
discover you,
create new relationships,
nurture the ones you’re in now,
fk the distractions, stay focused,
you won’t grow if you’re stuck in your comfort zone,
rmb – growth > comfort.
do it.




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