i just want to feel real love.

“I just want to feel real love…
whatever it is, whatever it consistent of,
whatever it makes you do…I want it.
because the stuff I’ve been dealing with…
just can’t be it. the arguing, the pretending,
the blaming…I’m just done with it.
I use to dream all the time about my happily
ever after, what ‘he’ would be like,
the places we would go, the things we would…
I use to be so excited about my future with ‘him’..
whoever he may be… its just crazy how the one
you want rarely ever acts what you want..
so then you want somebody else but they’re just
somebody else, another body, another smile,
another story, another beginning, another end…
but you somehow convince yourself that they’re
different than all the other ones, you know all the
other ones that claim they’re different too?
it’s funny how you can’t stop yourself from
remembering the disappointments, you know…
the ones that you made remember them but
for all the wrong reasons, we never let those situations go huh..
sure we move along, but is that the same as moving on?
It’s just crazy the one you want rarely…
ever acts like the one you want, yet in the end…
I still want to feel real love…” – rhs



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